Give your all. Focus on what matters. Make good things happen.

Ronnie Carter knows what it takes to be successful.

Ronnie Carter has never been the type of guy to just sit back and wait for things to happen. He's always been a driven individual who, when he sets his mind on a goal, will give his all to make it happen. It's the way I was raised, Ronnie says. My parents taught me success has to be earned through hard work, determination and a focus on what matters most.


Ronnie and Sandra enjoy any opportunity to spend quality time with the kids and grandkids.From the time he was eight years old, Ronnie has been learning what it takes to make the most of his opportunities in life and business. His father ran a successful construction company 'Carter Construction' and Ronnie worked alongside his dad, learning the finer points of customer service and the importance of doing quality work.

Ronnie is a rare Florida native who has lived most of his life here in Central Florida. He and his wife, Sandra, married at a young age and started their family soon after, forcing him to go out there and make things happen for himself. With his construction background, Ronnie chose to pursue a career in real estate and hasn't looked back. Together, he and Sandra have raised three great children and are now enjoying the good life with their grandchildren around. Ronnie is an avid golfer who loves taking advantage of the year-round sunshine and world-class courses in this area. And though he doesn't fly as much as he used to, he also has a pilot¹s license‹another example of Ronnie pursuing a goal and achieving it.


Though he’s not as good as he’d like to be, Ronnie is passionate about golf. He loves the personal challenge and camaraderie out on the course.Since he started his career in 1990, Ronnie has made his mark in the local industry with his driven approach and make it happen mentality. Though he works with buyers and sellers throughout the Highlands County market, his specialty is golf course and lakefront properties. He's an excellent problem solver who knows how to help clients make the most of their opportunities. By providing timely information, keen business insight and in-depth support throughout the process, Ronnie empowers people to achieve their specific real estate goals.

Most importantly, Ronnie believes in treating people right. To me, the most important qualities of customer service are loyalty and respect, he says. Whether you are looking for the lakefront or golf course property of your dreams or looking to sell your home for maximum return, Ronnie takes the time to understand your needs and then applies his expertise and energy to ensure the best possible results.


If you are buying or selling real estate in Highlands County, turn to Ronnie Carter and experience a higher standard of service from a professional who will give his all for you every step of the way. Call him today and see how he's Making It Happen for his clients day after day and year after year.